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Refugee Arts Project

Welcome to our web site!

What is the Refugee Arts Project for?


Our Vision:

RAP’s vision is to create a forum for refugee communities and groups to participate actively, creatively and safely within the host community, and contribute to it, through the medium of the arts, drama and music.


RAP’s Mission statement:

The Refugee Arts Project works towards developing and implementing arts based projects to help empower refugee communities; facilitate their active & creative participation in the wider society; improve their access to services; develop initiatives to address common issues and improve health and well being.



Here is a picture of young people taking part in music workshops activities jointly organised by the Refugee Arts Project and Kit@pEvi:

From Refugee Week activities
- June 2005 -
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You can e-mail us at:

Refugee Arts Project, Unit B10, 3 Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN, UK