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Many people like to know about the Refugee Arts Project (RAP) and people behind the projects. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our objectives.

Our Objectives

Arts for Empowerment and Social Change

RAP uses arts and cultural based activities to enable refugees, BME communities and other excluded service users and communities,

  • to empower themselves to better manage their own lives;
  • to find ways to communicate their concerns;
  • to advocate for their own needs and aspirations and contribute to the society in which they live.

Arts and cultural based activities provide a safe environment and allow participants to bring to life their experiences while feeling they are fully engaged in the activities.  


In such an environment participants can enjoy, learn and experiment. They can, in this way, also challenge the ‘status quo’ or prevailing attitudes, challenge prejudices and help bring about necessary changes. For the arts and culture create unique opportunities to think beyond existing frameworks and norms and are supportive of social change.


Drama, dance, music and visual expression provide many of the tools that bring about new opportunities for self-expression. At the same time, working on social issues through the medium of the arts, enriches and adds social meaning to the arts themselves and to creativity.



Our Staff and Volunteers

We are a new organisation and we work with very little fundings from mainly local community chest funds. At present we are surviving through the committment of our volunteers and sessional workers. But our volunteers and sessionals are highly skilled and committed to the work with huge experience within the field of arts and community development.
Here are the main contacts for our project activities:
Ferhat Cinar, forum theatre and folk music 
Anna Collard, women photography project
Zeynep Karakas, forum theatre
Contact email: office@refugeearts.com

Our Organisation

What is the Refugee Arts Project?

The Refugee Arts Project grew out of a number of experimental drama initiatives.  These included the Turkish and Kurdish Drama Project (1996-2005) and a number of Community and Forum Theatre events (2000-5). Other similar pilot projects were also developed by securing small amounts of funding from a variety of sources.


At the heart of these pilot projects, lay attempts to bridge the gaps between art, artists and the realities of daily life experienced by local communities. The projects proved successful in influencing service provision and especially health services, and have gained credibility with partner agencies and among all those who have seen the end results and attended performances.


The RAP pilot projects have been involved in festivals and conferences and included work with the health, social care and educational sectors; the New Deal for Communities and Hackney Sure Start. These arts–based pilots have played a key role in raising awareness, building partnerships, developing new skills and in helping to empower and integrate local communities

Our Organisational Principles

We are an arts' /artists' community development organisation working on social issues and inequalities.
We work on the premises that each individual has a project to implement through the medium of Refugee Arts Project. 
Each individual as much as it is practical fully participates at every level of management and organisational functions. Board of Management functions will rotate among different individuals.
Each individual manages their own project.
RAP (Refugee Arts Project will encourage financial, organisational independence of affiliated projects.
Projects will function through participation rather than representation. This will include project and organisational management.

RAP is for individual initiative and creativity, less organisational barriers, less officialdom, arts and aestehics at the forefront of community development.



Refugee Arts Project, Unit B10, 3 Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN, UK