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Forum Theatre activities and training are empowering and participatory.
This style explains more than anything else how Refugee Arts Project approaches to issues and resolves them.
If you and/ or your organisation needs training why not contact us at:  

We have 2 types of training. One is the general type training to introduce Forum Theatre and its use in the community. Usually this is a 2 X 2 days training. After 4 days participants will be equipped with number of exercises and techniques to introduce it to their own work practices.
It provides an ideal opportunity for people from different ethnic, gender, age, and professional backgrounds to come together in order to work with tensions and conflicts. Each individual participates rather than representing or being represented by someone else.
After a series of exercises, games and techniques participants produce short plays, images, live postcard, and human machines as a mirror reflection of tensions and conflicting situations. After the replay of these plays and images, all the participants are asked to provide alternatives to the images and actions. This is the forum part.
Forum theatre activities are practical, funny, humorous and powerful in its impact.

Second type of training is for specific sector staff for team building, improving access and communication and better cultural awareness and confidence.
Within the last financial year, we have provided cultural awareness training to Hackney Housing staff using forum and community theatre techniques. Over 100 staff went through 3 hrs long training through 8 sessions.
After this highly succesful training with the Hackney Housing staff we are asked to do another round of training to the remaining sections of the Housing Department. This will take place within the next 6 months time.
Photograph below shows a scene from the training.


For more information on the training please email us at:

Refugee Arts Project, Unit B10, 3 Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN, UK